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Rethink your way of organizing to free up time, money and space

Sample of White Space's finished project
Finished organization project by White Space

Frustrated by piles of clutter and overwhelmed by how many items on your to-do list remain undone?

As the new year  approaches, you may be feeling the need to start fresh and renewed. This may include adopting a higher level of productivity when it comes to accomplishing goals in your home or business.

A professional service for getting organized  may be just what the doctor ordered. Professional organizers can eliminate the anxiety caused by too much clutter from too many activities that can give you time to be productive and concentrate on what’s important to you.  Just as you would consult a dentist, plumber or personal trainer, a professional organizer is a skilled expert trained to help you with your organizing needs. 

And I’ve got the organizer for you!

Suzette Smith, fellow BNI colleague and professional organizer in Vienna, VA, does just that. Suzette runs White Space, a company dedicated to enhancing awareness of space, time and organization for your individual style–something she calls “white space.” She aims to “Improve the organization that personally moves you forward by dropping the things that hold you back.”

Suzette begins by coming to your home or office, spending an hour walking through your space and discussing goals and problem areas. Within the next 3 days, you’ll receive a written plan outlining a tailored course of action.

Your plan starts with the area that needs the most work, then lists the subsequent steps recommended and the estimated hours of work that will be required. Good maintenance will also be discussed and included in the plan. You can choose to work through your plan with their assistance or on your own.

One of the exceptional tools that White Space offers is called TSSI, or Time and Space Style Inventory. It is designed to help you “create a life you love, make time for the things that matter, and let go of behaviors that no longer serve you.”

Suzette’s friend, business coach and productivity expert, Cena Block, developed the TSSI tool to help clients identify their time management and organizing preferences. The idea is that you can realign your time and space when you know what appeals to you best.

White Space also helps those who are generally organized and goal oriented to be even more efficient and productive. Jamie Cooper Boyd of Alexandria, VA has this to say:

“Being a generally well organized person, it was difficult for me to admit I needed professional help in organizing my space at home. In less than two sessions, a completely cluttered and unusable space was transformed into a place where I actually wanted to spend time relaxing in the evening after work. Working with White Space will change your life for the better!”

Visit the White Space website, which does a wonderful job of outlining their services. She has several videos explaining her services as well as before and after photos. You can also read up on her accomplishments and accolades as a nationally recognized professional organizer.

White Space is just a short drive from Fairfax at 1934 Old Gallows Road, Suite 350 in Vienna. Give Suzette a call at 703-408-7881 to see how she can help you get organized in 2019!

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