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It’s Haul Good, Junk Hauling Service- Northern Virginia

We are excited to introduce you to one of our favorite partner companies, It’s Haul Good.  Isn’t that the BEST name? Do you have some old furniture sitting around or maybe some old exercise equipment or tools collecting dust?  Call Sam Richardson today at 270-227-1107 to schedule your estimate!

Let’s get to know more about Sam.  Sammy, as he is often called, is the co-owner of the  junk hauling service, It’s Haul Good. Originally from Murray, Kentucky, Sam founded his company on the principles of service to others.  They meet people at their current situation with compassion and empathy, while providing a high quality service and unbeatable customer service experience. The company primarily provides junk removal and donation services, but can also accommodate interior move work as well. They strive to donate, recycle, or re-purpose everything they take away. As a value-added service, they forward the donation receipts back to their clients.

For Sam, everyday is an adventure on the job.  The funniest thing that happened recently was when one of his business partners convinced him and their other partner that he had chopped off his fingers using some ketchup and an old saw. “He’s been known to joke around, so at first we weren’t convinced when he started screaming and holding his hand. But when the ketchup started strategically rolling out, we immediately dropped what we were doing and panicked. The best part? He got it all on film. He later pointed out that it was also April 1st (April fools day),” said Sam. There are often interesting things left behind at houses also.  For Sam the strangest was when “We were doing an apartment cleanout & came across a large artwork portfolio of people in the nude in random places. The artist was very talented.”

Outside of work Sam enjoys spending time at the gym, getting in an efficient workout using compound-movement exercises and routines.  His favorite restaurants are Arites and Silverado both of which part of the Great American Restaurants family. Sam’s favorite part of the DC metro area is the people!. “I moved out here from a small town to find opportunity, but I stayed because of the amazing relationships I quickly built and the diversity and culture of others that I began to appreciate and value. “

So if you are in need of junk removal or moving services remember  “You don’t have to handle the “junk” in your life alone – It’s Haul Good!”

Sam is also offering the following discounts to Jennifer Mack Property clients.  Be sure to let him know we sent you!


  • $10% off active/retired military
  • $250 off estate cleanouts
  • $10 off for new clients

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