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Fairfax Surf Shop still supports the culture and industry

Fairfax Surf Shop

Did you know that a locally owned surf/skate/ski shop has made Fairfax City its home since 1976? It’s true!  It’s called Fairfax Surf Shop and it is a veritable “go-to” for local skaters. Yet another one of the hidden treasures of my hometown, Fairfax.

Long time Manassas resident, Mike, has this to say about Fairfax Surf Shop: “There are legit skaters here that care… It doesn’t matter if you’re buying everything you need to build a complete board, or spending $10 on stickers for your niece. They treat you right. I like too that a lot of these guys skate local parks and that the shop carries Barbecue Skateboards, another local brand. This spot has been around as long as I’ve been alive, and I hope it’s around at least another 40 years.”

The shop carries hardware and apparel from top major brands in the surf, skate and ski industry. A full range of the latest releases are stocked and sold by a friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Even my husband raves about it: “We had a great experience at the Fairfax Surf Shop purchasing a skateboard for our daughter. The staff was very helpful and made it a fun experience for her.  We love supporting locally owned businesses in our neighborhood!”

Bonus: After your purchase you can head over to Van Dyck Park, home to Fairfax’s first skatepark. The park is located right next to the City police station, visible from Old Lee Highway. It is a fenced-in facility consisting of metal ramps and railings, with a cement open skating area. Cost to play? Free!

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