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Are you ready to Pack up and Go? Weekend travel and exploration made easy.

A couple weeks ago a social media post from one of my clients caught my eye.  My client and her husband had just come back from a getaway, but the catch is that they had no idea where they were going before they went and didn’t plan any of of it!  This caught my attention and I asked her more about it. The company, Pack Up and Go, specializes in spontaneous domestic travel packages.

When you are ready for adventure all you have to do is answer a few quick questions regarding budget, travel dates, preferences and your traveler information.  Pack Up and Go will take it from there. They will take care of booking your travel and accommodation all within your designated budget. Now all you have to do is wait!

One week out from your departure you will receive an email detailing the weather for your surprise destination as well as recommended packing items. You will also be told where to do and what time to start your adventure!  A few days before you leave you will receive the full travel details, but don’t open this envelope just yet! On the day of travel head to your designated location and open up the envelope to reveal your surprise destination!

Pack Up and Go even goes the extra mile to include a city guide and curated list of recommendations for everything from restaurants to nightlife and things to do on a rainy day.  The company has been in business for three years and is on a mission “to revolutionize travel by incorporating the element of surprise to encourage the pursuit of wonder, spontaneity, and exploration in each of their travelers!”

The company founder, Lillian Rafson,  believe that travel has healing properties and gives a much needed break from the stress of day to day.  “Extensive explorers ourselves, travel has not only acted as an introduction to new people, foods, and languages we would not normally encounter, but it has taught us about history, culture, and ways of life about which we may not learn organically. Travel encourages everyone to have an open mind and to step out of their comfort zone. Pack Up + Go is a celebration of our country’s expansive resources, and embodiment of open mindedness, spontaneity, and excitement,” said Rafson.


So tell us….are you ready to Pack Up and Go?


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